Building Under Construction
WMC Area

WMC is constructed over 700,000 sqm out of which eighty percent landscape area.

Our patients will be among the first to benefit from avant-garde treatments and technology since WMC is fully-equipped with the most modern and advanced medical equipment, the first of its kind in the surrounding region.

WMC Hospitals

WMC houses all the specialty branches in four different hospitals that total 1600 operating beds.

These hospitals have been built as high-end facilities adopting the latest technologies and virtually provide all medical services a patient might need from outpatient to inpatient care-doctor’s visits, testing, surgery, laboratory, imaging and hospital care–all available "under one roof".

The scheduling of these services is done in a coordinated and efficient way, so that what could take days and weeks to accomplish can be done in a matter of hours.

WMC aims to establish the first surgical robotics division in the MENA region alongside state of the art robotics research and development division, enabling the most advanced patient care and medical training.

Faculty of Medicine

Dedicated to excellence in medical research and educating the next generation of healthcare professionals,

we are equipping the next generation of physicians with the latest skills and techniques needed in one of the top universities worldwide as it ensures best outcomes for patients.


Smiling medical personel

The school belongs to one of the leading universities in health services, policy and research in the world.

It is ranked as the number one faculty for nursing in Europe whilst among the top ten in the world rankings.

It comprises nursing research, continuing professional development and postgraduate programs.




Including senior medical facility and accommodation.

At WMC the design of housing, services, activities, employee training is tailored to be truly customer-centered.

WMC health care staff provides high end services from IV/nutrition therapy and injections to wound dressing and round-the-clock care for serious illnesses,side by side with education for the family caregiver and the patient. 


Senior Citizen Care 


As hospital engineers and maintenance managers are aware, the hydraulic infrastructure within a healthcare facility has the potential to house microorganisms that can be
potentially harmful to human health.

WMC facilities are monitored by:

  • Water system expertise.

  • Novel and proven disinfection cleaning method for water systems.

  • Rapid onsite microbial screening for mold and bacteria.

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing and investigations.

  • Hospital design and dangerous goods risk assessments.


Water Quality


Designed to promote communication and collaboration across specialties, programs and services, our mission is to generate ground-breaking, high quality research that can be translated into improved care and improved outcomes for our patients across the region.We deploy cutting-edge research with the aim of establishing more individualized and less invasive medicine,  
we administer high quality treatment under the safest conditions, 
we are investing in the most modern technologies, 
we are developing innovative pathways to offer patients and their families well-being, good communication and help in the times of difficulty. 


R&D Center

Nurse And Patient

Importing the expertise of a world leader healthcare provider that operates WMC to ensure quality and regulatory compliance as WMC is embedded within his existing quality   assurance and governance processes. 



Digital Work

WMC has been designed and built with an integrated information and computer technology infrastructure capable of advancing the delivery of safe and effective care for patients.

The wireless network across the three facilities has been specifically designed to provide consistent, high quality coverage and to enable Real Time Location System (RTLS) tracking that can monitor the exact locations of patients, equipment and staff.

The Clinical Information System (CIS), which has been introduced to all WMC hospitals provides each patient with a personal electronic health record which can be accessed by medical teams regardless of where the patient was initially treated.


Integration of Care