About World Medical City

WMC is designed to offer patients the most innovative treatments and technologies available in the region in a safe and compassionate environment. WMC is fully equipped with the most modern and advanced medical equipment, the first of its kind in the surrounding region.

Our engineering notion is centered on green and environmentally responsible facilities.

Our priority is patient care and we offer the same high quality trusted healthcare, modern techniques and evidence-based procedures as provided at our internationally renowned European world leader provider. In fact, everything we do is driven by best practice care pathways and our desire to put the health outcomes of our patients at the forefront.


To lead the region as a healthcare team by setting the standard for patient care by delivering the best of European clinical care and exceptional patient experience.


Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

Our doctors are among the most trusted healthcare professionals in the world. We are in constant contact with our European colleagues, working closely as part of specialist teams to achieve the highest standards of care.